Edison to showcase Frankenstein art

October 30, 2018 by  

The Edison Arts Society will showcase the work of Ron MacCloskey in a new exhibit titled ‘FRANKENSTEIN ARTWORK – a Two Hundred Year Celebration!’. The exhibit will open with a reception for the artist.

The art will be installed in The Gallery, which is located on the third floor of Edison’s Municipal Building, and will be open from 8:30 am until 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Organizers of events like this could use banner printing to create nicely creepy decorations for the venue.

Since 1979, MacCloskey has been writing and performing on the stage, as well as in television and film. He currently hosts his own show, ‘Classic Movies with Ron MacCloskey’, and is also producing, as well as writing, a documentary film.

MacCloskey is known for his 2006 film ‘Karloff and Me’, which traces the parallels between the lives of Boris Karloff and of MacCloskey, who has amassed the largest collection of Karloff memorabilia in the world. The film uses interviews with television and film legends to examine the phases of the careers of both men, who parallel one another, since MacCloskey was the same age when he began making this film as Karloff was when he began filming his breakout character, the monster in ‘Frankenstein’.

The Frankenstein artwork exhibit will open tomorrow, October 30 and runs through November 9. The reception is set for 7:00 pm tomorrow, and light refreshments are planned. Those planning to attend the reception are encouraged to wear Halloween attire, including costumes.