Volunteers needed for wreath laying project

October 29, 2018 by  

Washington’s Arlington National Cemetery has made a request to people in the area to be a part of an activity that will lay wreaths at this well-known historic site.

All ages are invited to be a part of the day, and its organizers noted that thousands of pairs of hands are needed to complete the project. While it is not necessary to register ahead of time, the planers of the day noted that doing so can make it easier for them to keep the task organized.

When those who are interested in helping with the wreath laying arrive, they will be asked to go through a security screening at the main gate. This will be followed by a ceremony that honors women in the military. After this, the wreaths will be placed. Volunteers are welcome to come and go as their schedule allows, and all help is appreciated.

The procedure that will be followed for this activity, as well as he ceremonial protocol that will be followed, has been included in the event’s online listing. A printing services provider can supply uniforms and other materials for the coordinators of a project like this, which can make it easier for the volunteers to find them if they have a question or need other assistance.

The volunteers will be completing this work at Arlington National Cemetery on December 15. A complete schedule for the day will be released as the date for the event draws closer.