Cheese tea now available near Olivette

October 29, 2018 by  

A new drink, salted cheese tea, is moving into the United States from Asia, and increasing in popularity. Cube Tea Studio, a new spot to try this treat, recently opened in University City, according to an article in the Riverfront Times.

The new spot is small—there is a bar where patrons can place their orders, an area to wait for the drinks, which take several minutes to make, and two stools. The owners stress that this is a place to get a drink to go, not a coffee shop to bring a laptop and spend hours working, surfing the net, or meeting friends. New businesses like this can distribute promotional products to help build their brand.

Despite the fact Cube Tea is not designed for people to hang out, Riverfront Times review says it is worth the trip, so Olivette residents might want to make the three-mile jaunt. They could compare Cube Tea to their local shop, Share Sweet. The shop features four types of teas: milk tea, salted cream cheese foam slush tea, seasonal fruit tea, and salted cream cheese foam pure tea.

The cheese topping is not like floating a slice of Swiss on top of a cup of tea; most often, cream cheese is blended with milk, whipped cream, and salt to create a salty-sweet topping that is almost like the frosting on a cake. People can either sip the tea and cheese together, or blend them to make the drink even creamier.