Art supply store celebrates grand opening

October 26, 2018 by  

The only art supply store in St. Louis, once called South City Art Supply, is now St. Louis Art Supply, and has moved from Cherokee Street to the Central West End. It celebrated its grand opening recently.

The store opened first in 2015 on Cherokee, but decided it would do better in the CWE, where it would be a better fit geographically. The decision meant it had to move, and it was decided to change the name as well.

The store began its tenure in the new neighborhood with soft openings recently, and followed these up with a grand opening. Included in the fun were a selfie booth, and a pop-up shop featuring comic artists, sculptors, and local printers. There were door prizes as well.

The owners of the store, Xena Colby and Carson Monetti, explained that their decision to move to the CWE was based in part on the area’s closeness to St. Louis’ universities, and also because it is accessible from all parts of the city with a short drive. Owners of new shops like this might use graphic design to create a new logo.

The name change also gave them a chance to correct a mistake. When they first came to St. Louis, they named their store specifically for the South City neighborhood. Now that they know the city and its neighborhoods, they would not have chosen just one area for their name.