Dallas man, 101, is oldest employee in Texas

October 26, 2018 by  

The oldest man in Texas still working. Chester Hollingsworth had a special birthday celebration on October 18, and received a special message from a company.

Hollingsworth was born on October 18, 1917 on a Greenville farm where he grew up and did his part in helping the family raise cotton. He recalled less than fondly a Model T Ford owned by the family, calling it a ‘terrible way to get around’.

When the attack on Pearl Harbor came, Hollingsworth joined the Navy the very next day; before the country had a chance to commission a poster printing order for its iconic ‘Uncle Sam wants YOU’.

A month later he received his orders and a ticket to report to San Diego, California. Following the War, he returned to Texas and became a Dallas entrepreneur contributing the start of what is now Warehouse Superstore. He retired twice but could not stay away and now works two days a week.

Hollingsworth explained to CBSDFW.COM why he still works and what may be the secret to a long, healthy life this way, saying:

“I just like to be with people. I don’t mind working. If you can get a job, where you love your job and love to go to work that’s what you want.”

He did have one other secret to share – drinking two Dr. Peppers every day.