Parma approves water service agreement with Cleveland

October 26, 2018 by  

A new water service agreement between Parma and Cleveland was recently approved by the Parma City Council. The vote was unanimous.

Under the terms of the agreement, Parma will accept Cleveland’s Suburban Water Main Renewal Program, which means Parma will not have to pay for major waterline projects. Brian Higgins, Parma’s service director, said until this agreement, it’s been up to Parma to fund is own replacement projects.

Higgins went on to explain that while waterlines can be considered an asset, they cost a great deal of money if they need replacement. He added that Parma has both aging waterlines and an aging infrastructure, with 242 miles of pipe running throughout the city. Over half of the pipes were installed before 1930, and there were 270 breaks in 2017. Under the agreement, Cleveland will take over the system and start keeping score, which will allow the replacement of some of the aging pipes – an expensive undertaking.

Hasmukh Patel, Parma’s assistant city engineer, said that in future the city will apply twice a year to Cleveland Water to obtain funds to make necessary infrastructure repairs. Measures like this affect everyone, so officials might like to work with a flyer printing company to keep residents updated.

Parma’s mayor, Tim DeGeeter, said that before the city council approved the agreement, Patel presented several theoretical projects to Cleveland Water, and they all scored highly, indicating they will likely be funded.