Lansdale distiller named one of country’s best

October 23, 2018 by  

Boardroom Spirits, a craft distiller in Lansdale, was recently ranked as producing the third-best spirits in the country by experts at USA Today and their readers, according to an article on

The co-owner and founder of Boardroom Spirits, Marat Mamedov, released a statement saying that although it might sound “cheesy”, just being nominated was a great honor. Then, to find out the company was ranked so highly by members of the public affirmed that he and everybody at Boardroom is doing what they were meant to do.

The winners were chosen from thousands of distilleries across the nation, after six experts, working with USA Today’s ‘10Best’ series editors, narrowed the field to just 20. Once the top 20 were named, readers had a month to vote for their favorites online.

Boardroom’s founders have Hungarian and Armenian roots, and have found inspiration in their culture to create their most distinctive concept, a ‘Periodic Table of Spirits’. The table includes a carrot spirit designated as ‘C’, and a beet spirit, indicated by a ‘B’. Pear and apple spirits appear on the table as well, in what is a twist to the periodic table of the elements. Small businesses like this can distribute promotional products to help build brand recognition.

People who would like to sample Boardroom’s offerings can find their tasting room in Lansdale, on West Third Street.