Another scooter company jumps into the fray in Dallas

October 18, 2018 by  

A third scooter rental company has arrived in Dallas, and it is the one that once supplied children with wheels – Razor.

Razor Share has set up a pilot program to rent dockless e-scooters in Dallas alongside Bird and Lime, two scooter rental companies that have already established themselves here. Razor has placed 1,000 scooters in Dallas’ downtown urban core for a pilot program. It will be up to the city to determine the success of the program.

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A press release from Razor details the company’s involvement in mobility innovation, dating back to 2000. The company introduced its first electric scooter three years later, and is now the largest producer of electric scooters in the world.

The company says it provides a better-shared scooter ride due to cushy front tires and a deck wide enough for both of the rider’s feet to rest side-by-side. Their scooters also contain a rigid steel frame and a UL-compliant lithium-ion battery. In a press release, COO Danny Simon said that the scooters employ specific design to optimize them for shared use.

A community pop-up is planned for November and residents 18 years and older can test Razor Share and get a free helmet.