Walmart and Gerber team up to test fresh baby meals

October 18, 2018 by  

Baby food giant Gerber, moving towards an emphasis on transparency and freshness, has partnered with Walmart to test its own fresh baby and toddler foods in the Dallas area, as well as a few other markets.

The 91-year-old Gerber Company has created a new brand under its umbrella, Freshful Start. Walmart selected 50 stores currently using its online grocery pickup service in Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, and Texas for testing. Refrigerated cases have already been installed in the grocery’s baby food aisles. One of the many important details in starting a new business or a division of a company is coming up with distinctive logo design.

Bill Partyka, Gerber CEO, explained that the reasons for the development of Freshful Start was to regain market share from competing startups. In addition to a fall in the US birth rate in 2017 by 2%, new parents want fresh food for their babies and are willing to pay for convenience.

Fresh food delivery services, accessible online, have sprung up all over in the last few years. Like HelloFresh and Blue Apron for adults, baby and toddlers can have several meals cold-packed and shipped to the house. The only difference is the children’s meals are heated and serve ready.

Gerber’s Freshful Start is starting off with purees, entrees, and bowls, with pricing for two servings ranging from $3.98 to $5.98