Everett Transit goes electric

October 17, 2018 by  

At the end of September, Everett Transit ran the first electric bus on one of its busiest routes. The company plans to have three more electric buses running by the end of the year, stating they will save the city money on fuel costs over the long haul.

Officials have projected that they will save over 10,000 gallons of fuel per bus using by the electric buses., and Everett Transit expects half of its buses to be electric by 2022. The vehicles are newer and have fewer moving parts.

Brock Howell, customer service and community engagement manager, says that switching to electric buses can save Everett about 76% of maintenance costs as compared to diesel – a claim that will likely find its way onto company letterheads.

The electric buses will be used on Rt 7. This route runs through downtown Everett from College Station to Everett Mall. The four new vehicles were paid for by a $3.4m grant from federal government and the city’s matching grant of $600,000.

The buses travel 250 miles between charges and take four hours to recharge. Called Proterra Catalyst E-2 buses, each one carries 31 seated passengers and 18 standing.

On hills, the buses can reach 59 miles per hour. Measuring just over 40 feet long, they provide a quieter ride for the neighborhoods they pass through.