Gurnee tech firm shows off new clean room

October 15, 2018 by  

AKHAN Semiconductors recently gave a tour of its new clean room to members of the media, local leaders, and investors. AKHAN, a high-tech company, is based in Gurnee, and will produce Miraj Diamond in the facility.

AKHAN has patented Miraj Diamond, a material that makes glass harder, stronger, and more able to dispel heat. The material is created by placing microscopic diamonds a few nanometers apart, along a surface made of glass. The glass is then put into a machine where gases, including methane, are pumped in, after which the glass is heated. Under the pressure and heat, the diamonds spread out until they cover the surface.

AKHAN will first introduce Miraj Diamond in smartphone screens in 2019. Company officials say the material will make the screens over 800 times cooler, 10 times harder, and six times stronger than screens today. Adam Khan, the founder of the company, said orders are already pouring in from major cellphone providers. Companies like this can use flyer printing to explain difficult concepts to interested parties.

Communications providers are not the only people interested in the Miraj Diamond; Khan says the Pentagon has come calling as well. AKHAN and 124 other companies have made it through the first round of a competition sponsored by the U.S. Army. Named the Expeditionary Technology Search, the contest is designed to locate companies in the commercial sector who would not ordinarily work in defense.