Art Deco building in Encinitas to survive as upscale restaurant

October 15, 2018 by  

Two restauranteurs plan to use an Encinitas Art Deco landmark for a new, high-end restaurant.

The 1928 structure was the brainchild of James Rupe, who hired Miles Kellogg, builder of the city’s famous boat-shaped apartment buildings, to build a new structure for him. Rupe moved his grocery store into half the building, but lost his business during the Depression.

Brian Malarkey and Christopher Puffer are business partners in the Herb & Wood restaurant, located in the Little Italy neighborhood in San Diego. They recently acquired Rupe’s old building, and plan to renovate it and open a second restaurant, called Herb & Sea, on the premises. They plan to feature seafood at the Encinitas location. Businesses like this can distribute promotional products when they open to build their brand.

They plan to overhaul the building, which is on D Street, completely, tackling such structural problems as the roof (which is sagging in places) and getting rid of eyesores like pipes attached to the building’s exterior. However, they plan to preserve the Art Deco details of the structure, especially the tower.

According to Puffer, they plan to work gold into the grooves of the Art Deco-style tower, and then light it to make it shine like a beacon. The restaurant itself will feature a wood-fired grill, and a raw oyster bar.

Puffer and Malarkey hope to have the new eatery open in March or April 2019.