Medford workshop to highlight winter road safety

October 14, 2018 by  

A Medford winter can often bring treacherous driving conditions, and those who live and work in the city have been asked to take an hour out of their busy day to strengthen their winter motoring skills.

The planners of the winter/defensive driving workshop noted that one of the most dangerous parts of many jobs can be using a car or other vehicle, and their goal is to reduce this risk. It is intended for fleet managers and business owners as well as drivers, and there will be several hazards that will be covered during the session.

The students in the class will be taught about the value of pre-trip preparation, as well as the most important points to keep in mind when driving defensively. There will be a review of the hazards that tend to come with winter conditions, and safety when traveling over ice and snow-covered roads will also be discussed.

Knowing how to drive safely during the winter months can be an important part of risk management for many companies. Training manuals can make it easier for those who participate in a class like this to absorb the materials being covered, and these can be crafted by print shops in the area.

Medford’s BBSI will be offering this training opportunity on November 21. The venue for the activity can be found at 2045 Cardinal Avenue.