McHenry area farm celebrating harvest season

October 14, 2018 by  

Fall has arrived, and in McHenry, that means it is time to head to an area festival that will celebrate one of the most colorful products of the harvest season.

Bright orange pumpkins are ripening in the fields at All Seasons Orchard, and many are ready to be picked. The public is invited to bring along their family to pick one out to take home with them, and they can be used to make pies, carved into jack-o-lanterns, or just provide some seasonal home décor.

The orchard has a pumpkin patch spanning nearly 10 acres, so there will be lots of these squashes to choose from. Pumpkin Station will have some that have already been harvested, and there will also be a variety of decorative gourds to choose from as well.

Along with the pumpkins, the farm is also offering a corn maze and there will be lots of activates in the barnyard as well. The gates will open to the public each day at 10:00 am, and the festivities will be offered until the end of November. A local banner printing company can supply an assortment of decorations, including weatherproof outdoor banners, that can help to add an even more festive air to an occasion like this.

Woodstock’s All Seasons Orchard will be hosting its pumpkin festival fun until November 4. Its website includes more information, including pricing, times, and a list of the different activities that will be on offer.