San Rafael celebrates the dead

October 13, 2018 by  

Locals can join in the celebrations at Pickleweed Park this fall, where San Rafael will be marking the 30th anniversary of honoring Dia de los Muertos.

Music features heavily in this event. There will be music from Mexico and South America. Drumming and dancers from Aztec and Mayan cultures will be showing off their skill, as well as Mexican and Guatemalan dancers in traditional attire.

This event is advertised as a family event. There will be face painting, activities, and arts and crafts for children. There will be learning opportunities at this event as well.

Although Dia de los Muertos is a traditionally Latin celebration, originating in Mezzo and South American cultures, this celebration is open to all. The point of the holiday is to celebrate life in all its forms, from birth through to death. One of the main features of this event is the altars, which celebrate life, values, times, and remembrances. These altars will be on display for viewing during the celebration.

This event gathers thousands of attendees each year, as well as many volunteers. There are also the vendors; food from different ethnicities will be served throughout the event.

Events like this often take advantage of banner printing. This event is taking place in a park and the attached community center. Having a large banner would not only help advertise the event, but also be a quick, easy signal as to the location. The event is currently scheduled to take place from 3:00 to 9:00 pm on Saturday, November 3.