Workshop planned for conscientious Georgetown pet parents

October 11, 2018 by  

Being a “pet parent” can sometimes mean knowing what to do should an emergency occur, and a Georgetown area workshop will be offering a morning of learning what to do to should their furry friend become seriously ill or is injured.

The training, which is being offered through the support of Hutto’s Humane Education Academy, will cover a variety of topics and will include hands-on components. Pet CPR will be included in this skill building workshop, and the registration fee is $99 each.

The instruction provided in the short course will be applicable for dogs or cats, and will cover topics such as poisoning, choking, seizures, and how to restrain and muzzle a dog in an emergency. The students will learn how to perform a snout-to-tail assessment and also how to check their pet’s vitals, and they will find out what steps they can take, such as constructing a first aid kit.

Each of the pupils in the training session will receive a handbook, which they can use as a reference in the future, and they will also be give a Professional Certificate. These are just a few of the items that can be prepared for an event like this by area stationery printers.

The date for this opportunity has been set as November 17. It will be offered at 105 Tradesman Drive in Hutto.