The River flows through Hartford

October 10, 2018 by  

‘The River’, a play by Jez Butterworth, recently opened at TheaterWorks in Hartford, according to an article in the Hartford Courant.

Billy Carter, who stars in the production, hails from Northern Ireland and has worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company, and the National Theater, both in London, as well Dublin’s famous Abbey Theater. In the U.S., he’s appeared both on- and off-Broadway, and worked in film and television.

However, Carter remains mysterious when he talks about ‘The River’, and reviews of earlier productions are also obscure, using vague descriptions like ‘tense’, ‘dark’, ‘eerie’, and a ‘sleight-of-hand puzzle’ to describe the work.

A brief synopsis says only that one moonless August night, a man takes his new girlfriend to a secluded cabin, which belongs to his family, and where he has been fly fishing ever since his childhood. However, he has brought other women to the spot, and will bring more. The play asks whether people who find one another actually are looking for a new romance, or trying to recapture a lost one.

Carter does say that fishing plays a huge role in the play, and he has had to learn how to gut a trout in front of the audience. Events like this can benefit if managers use poster printing to advertise.

‘The River’ runs through November 11, and complete information and ticket prices are on the theater’s website.