Family tales coming to Huntington

October 10, 2018 by  

Nine storytellers will tell Huntington audiences about family in the inaugural ‘Every Family’s Got One (a story, that is)’ event this week.

The nine artists are made up of six women and three men, most of whom are Long Island residents. They have written stories about their families that they believe other adults will find relevant, including one author who watches a son playing in a tennis match, and suddenly realizes that the young man is his own person. Another tale is about one person’s experience helping their aging parents (who are revealed to be hoarders) to clean out their flooded home.

Barbara Herel of Huntington and Kathy Radigan of East Northport co-produced the show. Herel says she has always liked stories about families, which can be touching, funny, and crazy. For her part, Herel will read her essay about making a teenage confession to a priest whose response blew her mind. Organizers of events like this could use an attractive graphic design as part of the program.

Lisa Leshaw will perform a piece about her grandfather. She was a talkative child, whose teacher found her chattiness to be a problem. Her grandfather disagreed, and told her that at some point, words would be her gift.

The event begins at 7:00 pm tomorrow, October 11 at the Cinema Arts Centre.