The arts descend upon Jersey City for a weekend

October 10, 2018 by  

The Jersey City Art and Studio Tour (JCAST) was recently held at the Pathside Building, which was converted into a headquarters for this year’s event and will become the future home for the arts and culture in Jersey City.

The headquarters served as place where visitors could get maps of the festival, guides for walking through the various locations, and joining curated tours. Art specialists created the curated tours to cover different types of themes, such as creativity by neighborhood, murals, or art to collect.

There was a kickoff celebration on the first night of the event, held on the first floor of the headquarters. On display were new works by regional and local artists that have not been seen before in Jersey City. The exhibition was accompanied by live jazz bands, with samba and brass groups on the outside promenade.

One of the events at JCAST was the Connection Series held at the Jersey City Theatre Center. Katy Kim from Jersey City and Thomas Lendavi, a sculptor from Brooklyn, collaborated to explore the conflict of isolation in world of hyper-communication through dance, visual arts, and theater.

For youngers with a fondness of art and graphic design, special events for children were also held that engaged them in creating arts and crafts inspired by Halloween and nature.