Grant funds joint program between two Connecticut community colleges

October 9, 2018 by  

The Faculty, Staff and Student Cooperative Grant competition of the Hartford Consortium for Higher Education recently awarded a grant of $2,500 to Manchester Community College (MCC) and Capital Community College (CCC).

The grant will be used to fund Common Read activities that will be held at both colleges. Common Read is a program implemented in communities and schools throughout the country to support and enhance the decision-making process. Participants read and discuss a single text that explores controversial topics such as ethics, poverty, and racism. The book for this year is ‘The Other Wes Moore’, by Wes Moore.

Students at the two colleges will be brought together as part of the first-year experience class to talk about class, race, and other opportunities, participate in workshops, and watch videos and panel discussions.

Dr. Tanya Millner-Harlee, interim CEO of MCC, said that the Common Read program has been successfully implemented at the college since 2014. This year, the bringing together of students from MCC and CCC with their competing interests promises lively discussions above and beyond their classroom studies.

Dr. G. Duncan Harris, CEO of CCC, added that, having this text before in a first-year experience course, it will profoundly impact the students and help them explore specific themes and life lessons.

Announcements of grants such as this one and their influence on the student body are often made known to the community through poster printing.