Short course on offer for Fayetteville kombucha fans

October 9, 2018 by  

The fermented drink commonly known as kombucha has developed a large group of fans in Fayetteville, and those who enjoy the beverage but not its high price tag have been given an opportunity to discover how they can make it for themselves at home.

The students in the Brew Your Own Kombucha 101 class, which is scheduled to last one and a half hours, will discover how they can craft the drink right in their own kitchen. They will even be given tips they can use to develop their own signature kombucha flavor.

The process of brewing kombucha, as well as how to recognize and correct any problems that may occur, will be the focus of the workshop, and the attendees will be taught how they can craft a starter. They will also find out what they can do to use up any extras of this liquid they might have on hand. Anyone who would like to purchase a starter to take home with them will be able to do so, and the class has been planned so that it will be both educational and fun.

Prima Elements Holistic Wellness Center, which is located at 124 Anderson Street, will be the host for this interactive learning experience. Custom drinkware is just one of the items that can be crafted by area print shops for an event like this.

Fayetteville’s kombucha lovers, as well as those who are just curious about this beverage, will be gathering for the workshop, which will be held on November 3. Tickets are on offer for $10.00 each.