Charities to benefit from student farming activities

October 8, 2018 by  

Students from Swofford Vocational School in Spartanburg County, under the leadership of David Settle, recently planted 2,000 assorted vegetables at the home of Mike Holmes.

Settle used the activity to fulfill two learning objectives of his course –community service and making his lessons hands-on. His philosophy is that students will learn more about growing food by carrying out the activity for themselves than by listening to lectures or reading about it.

Holmes himself has been a farmer since his retirement 25 years ago from being a salesperson. He started planting large gardens about 10 years ago during the summer and fall. People donate the plants, and then Holmes donates the proceeds of the plants to various nonprofits and charities in the Upstate as there is a great demand for such food items in the county. The Spartanburg Soup Kitchen and Mobile Meals of Spartanburg are his largest recipients.

As the vegetables that he grows are small, they cannot be planted by machine, so he relies on the students to volunteer their time and efforts. He also feels that they learn a great deal from the experience of planting vegetables by hand.

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