Wilderness medical care to be focus of Easton short course

October 6, 2018 by  

When an injury or illness occurs in the back country, professional care can often be hours or even days away. Those who complete an Easton training program will have the skills and knowledge they can use to provide first aid and maybe even save a life.

The Wilderness Medical Care course has been prepared so that climbers, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, as well as firefighters and other first responders alike, can all learn what to do should an emergency occur far from a hospital other medical facility. It will run for approximately eight hours, and it can be combined with a Wilderness Trauma Care course for anyone who is looking for a more in-depth experience.

The topics that are on the agenda for the day include symptoms and treatment for heat and altitude illness, as well as hypothermia, shock, infection, anaphylaxis, and an assortment of other emergencies that can arise. Having a basic knowledge of first aid is a prerequisite for this workshop, and anyone who requires this training can participate in one of the courses offered by Keystone Community Rescue LLC.

Any EMS personnel who complete this training may qualify for 7 Con-Ed hours. The organizers of an event like this can obtain letterheads, blank certificates of completion, and other customized stationery from a local printer.

This opportunity for rescue professionals and the general public alike to sharpen their skills when it comes to wilderness medical care will be held on November 3. It will be offered at 3254 Old Nazareth Road.