Clovis area tour to highlight its river restoration efforts

October 5, 2018 by  

The San Joaquin River was once home to a riving population of salmon and other fish, and an effort is underway near Clovis to bring them back again.

To help showcase the work that has been done to date, the organizers have planned a special tour of the river and some of the properties that can be found along its banks.

The exposition, which will both start and finish in Fresno, will explore the area of the river that runs between Friant Dam to where it meets with the Merced River. It will be an overnight excursion, and the price includes meals, sacks, hotel accommodation and transportation between the stops along the tour.

While the assembled group visits each of the locations where a stop has been scheduled, they will learn about a variety of topics ranging from the roles different agencies are playing in the restoration of the body of water, to the goals set to restore the salmon fishery. The plan includes at least nine points of interest, and the price per person will be $625, based upon a single occupancy rate.

While the event is open to anyone who is interested, those who are participating for educational reasons may qualify for continuing education credits. Guide books, certificates of completion, and other materials for this sort of hands-on activity can be sourced from print shops in the area.

The start date for this exploration of the area’s riparian side has been set as November 7. The group will depart from 2305 W. Shaw Avenue.