Allentown welcomes Vietnamese eatery

October 5, 2018 by  

A new Vietnamese restaurant has opened in Allentown’s downtown area.

Called Pho Le, the 20-seat restaurant opened on September 15 and has replaced the former Miriam’s Ethiopian Restaurant.

The restaurant serves food from Vietnam and elsewhere in Southeast Asia. Some hot items are crepes, pork patties, sticky rice with chicken, Vietnamese burger, grilled pork with vermicelli, and spring rolls.

The chef, Lina Dang, says she has been working on the family recipes the last few years, always adding improvements. She believes this is what keeps customers coming back.

The restaurant has a casual environment with a dozen tables with chairs. Off-street parking is available. Allentown has print shops with graphic design services that design and print menus for new restaurants like this.

Pho Le specialize in a dish called pho, which is a soup made in Vietnam with beef broth. Chefs add diced beef or chicken and noodles, and beef bones are simmered to make the broth before special spices are added.

Open six days a week, the restaurant has added some American items to the menu too, like cheese steak and hamburgers served on spring rolls, and the Vietnam hoagie with ham, pork, pickles, and jalapenos. Unique beverages listed are Vietnam Iced Tea and Bombastic Tea Milk.

The restaurant offers delivery through GrubHub, and is located on 446 North Allen Street.