New engine developed at Huntsville Toyota plant

October 5, 2018 by  

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Alabama announced recently that the first advanced four-cylinder engine has been built at the Huntsville plant.

The company made a commitment last year to build cutting-edge automobile engines and set aside $106m to accomplish the task. Now Toyota has fulfilled that commitment here in Huntsville.

The new engine was developed using Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) which was explained in the company’s press release:

“TNGA is a new approach to the way Toyota designs, engineers, and produces its vehicles. While retaining traditional values such as exceptional quality and safety, the advanced engines produced using TNGA will have increased power performance, efficiencies and fuel economy.”

As part of the design, the engineers moved the powertrain components’ center of gravity lower and reduced the weight of other components. The Highlander and the RAV4 will be the recipients of the new powertrain units and as a result will use 20% less fuel while performance increases by 10%. This lines up well with the Toyota’s goals to cut CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.

Although brochure printing orders traditionally emphasized a new vehicle’s appearance, fuel consumption, emissions, and performance are also included.

Ranking among Toyota’s biggest engine facilities in the world, the Huntsville plant builds engines for a third of the Toyota vehicles built in North America and is the only one of its plants to build V-8, V-6 and four-cylinder engines.