New Mexican restaurant comes to Tacoma

October 4, 2018 by  

Ta Carbon Mexican Asadero, a new kind of Mexican restaurant, recently opened in Tacoma.

The restaurant is unique in that it features a handsome dining room despite its location in a strip mall. It has 40 seats with high-back chairs and comfortable seating, encouraging guests to partake of a leisurely meal. There are succulent plants hanging from the side of the walls.

The specialty of the restaurant is grilled meats, including sirloin flap, ribeye, and the Japanese steak wagyu zabuton. They are prepared with a marinade, grilled on a flame, and served with salsa, whole pinto beans, cactus, and jalapenos.

The grilled cactus is a traditional ingredient, says Sofia Trujillo, daughter of co-owners Moises Villaseno and Rosy Trujillo, who originally came from Jalisco. Sofia is the manager of the restaurant and added that the food as close as can be found to authentic Mexico outside of Mexico City. Another specialty of the restaurant is guacamole prepared tableside.

Trujillo added that vegans and vegetarians will still enjoy the restaurant, given its offerings such as the cactus.

This is the second Ta Carbon Mexican Asadero for the family, having opened their first such restaurant in October 2017 in Everett. This one is closer to their home.

Various kinds of promotional products can be used to publicize the opening of such a new concept, along with unique menu items.