Twisted Trompo opens downtown Dallas location

October 3, 2018 by  

There is a brand new taqueria in town.

Twisted Trompo, a family-owned taco shop previously only in operation at gas stations, has opened its own location in the middle of downtown Dallas.

The company began inside a Bachman Lake Chevron station in 2008, and under the name ‘Bachman Lake Tocos’ sold tortas and Mexican street-style tacos. In 2013, the taqueria owned by the Premjee brothers, Shahzad and Shahyan, received valuable publicity when Chef Kent Rathburn declared it his favorite taco shop and it was presented on The Cooking Channel.

Following their appearance on The Cooking Channel, their business grew increasingly popular, and as a result the Brothers Premjee put shops in various gas stations throughout the Metroplex. On September 18, the brothers opened their first solo restaurant, at a location that has stood empty for several years, 1211 Commerce Street.

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Naturally, the main menu item is trompo: beef, chicken, and the traditional pork, in addition to the quesadillas, tortas, burritos, and salads. The restaurant also offers a variety of $6 cocktails and beer, mescal, and tequila on tap. In addition, a Mexican mojito, Jarritos grapefruit, “vampire” with tequila, and red and white sangrias are among the drinks available.

Twisted Trompo opens at 6:00 am weekdays and closes at 10:00 pm Mon-Thursday and midnight on Fridays. At weekends, opening is 11:00 am and closing is midnight on Saturdays and 10:00 pm on Sundays.