Butler workshop will explore creative ways to encourage staff to stay

October 2, 2018 by  

With today’s shrinking labor pool, hiring and retaining qualified and competent employees can be more important than ever, and a Butler workshop will share secrets for ensuring that staff will choose to stay for the long term.

The session, which has been planned to include interactive elements, is open to all those who feel it might provide them with tools they can use in their workplace. It will include the findings from some of the latest research in the field, and many of the tips can be acted upon at little or no cost to the company or organization.

The agenda for the session includes a review of the current trends in employee retention and the factors that can affect staff turnover. There will also be a discussion about benefits and the role they can play in encouraging employees to stay. Management practices will also be covered, and the workshop will wrap up with ideas for incentives that can both save money and possibly make the difference in whether or not a staff member chooses to remain with an employer or move on.

To help get the morning off to a great start, a light breakfast will be available, and there will also be time for the participants to network with one another. Handouts, name tags and other materials for this sort of function can be crafted by a local printer’s graphic design department.

Those who are interested in attending this workshop may wish to save the date for December 12. It will be taking place at 322 North Cedar Street in Butler.