University of Akron considering academic reorganization

October 2, 2018 by  

The University of Akron is considering reorganizing its academic offerings to attract, retain, and graduate students in technical and scientific fields such as computing, cybersecurity, and polymers. Four proposals are under discussion.

One proposal seeks to create a College of Polymer and Chemical Sciences, which would combine the university’s polymer engineering college and polymer science programs, which are recognized worldwide, with chemical engineering and chemical programs.

A second proposes the creation of a School of Computing and Data Sciences. The new school would combine computer-related programs that are offered now in two other colleges.

The third proposal would establish a new College of Engineering and Technology, taking the biomedical, electrical, chemical, civil, and mechanical engineering departments, and blending them with the physics department, as well as with some courses currently offered at the College of Applied Science and Technology.

The fourth idea is to take all of the College of Applied Science and Technology programs, and move them to other UA colleges. Engineering courses now offered in the Applied Science and Technology college would be moved to a College of Engineering and Technology, which is yet to be created. Institutions undertaking measures like this can use brochure printing to explain the new structure.

The university is considering the reorganization due to the fact its enrollment has been declining slowly but steadily for the last seven years. Officials hope reorganizing the academics will help attract new students and retain those already enrolled, leading to a high graduation rate.