Soil health to be main topic of Boulder symposium

October 1, 2018 by  

One of the most basic factors in ensuring that a field or other greenspace will be productive is the health of its soil, and this will be the foundation of an upcoming Boulder symposium.

This year marks the third for the annual Soil Revolution Conference. During the event, delegates will explore the subject of soil health from a variety of perspectives, all with an eye towards the future.

Upon arrival at the venue, the attendees will register and be welcome to enjoy breakfast while they mingle and get to know the others who share their interest in agriculture. After this, there will be a presentation from keynote speaker David R. Montgomery. He will be providing a synopsis of the history of foil degradation and how this may have contributed to the downfall of several societies throughout history. He will also explore how this could potentially happen around the globe should changes not be made to the agricultural system models often followed today.

The learning will continue throughout the day, as several other presenters will discuss an assortment of topics related to soil health and its impact on agricultural production and the wider environment. The day is set to wrap up with a social hour, during which the delegates can further network, exchange business cards and build connections.

This opportunity for the those who are interested in the subject of ensuring the health of the soil for the future will be offered on December 12. It has been scheduled to take place at 6007 Oreg Avenue in Boulder.