Bend brewers preparing to strut their stuff

October 1, 2018 by  

An event that salutes Bend’s craft brewing community will offer its members a chance to show off some of their best, and spaces are available for any that would like to have their ale included in the festivities.

Brewers will be coming in from all across the state to be a part of this year’s Bend Ale Fest. It was noted by the organizers that all Bend brewers are welcome to be a part of the activity, and the registration fee is $110.

Each participant in the event will be given their own table and sign, and the festival will purchase at least two 1/6 barrel kegs of their offerings. The brewing company will be able to set up a jockey box of their own, and can display branded items, such as pop-up banners, coasters, brochures or other materials that can be designed and produced for them by a local printing services provider.

Guests who come to the festival will be admitted free of charge. If they wish to sample any of the ales or beers, they will need to purchase one of the tasting glasses that will be specially prepared for the occasion. A portion of the proceeds from the day will be donated to Oregon Adaptive Sports.

This opportunity to test drive the products from some of Oregon’s top craft breweries will be taking place on November 10th. Northwest Crossing in Bend has been selected as the venue for the festivities, and more information about the activity can be found on the Bend Ale Festival website.