Fort Devens museum granted funds for preserving diaries of the Great War

September 30, 2018 by  

The Boston Foundation recently awarded the Fort Devens Museum a grant of $4,770 from its Bruce J., Anderson Fund to transcribe, digitize, and prepare hard copies of several diaries written by soldiers from World War I.

This is the first time the museum has been a recipient of this grant. With these funds, the museum will now take six diaries written by three soldiers from New England during World War I and begin the preservation process. Each of these soldiers was trained at Fort Devens. Two participated in the war in France, while the third stayed at the fort to record impressions of the flu epidemic in the camp.

Purchase of a high-resolution scanner, upgrades to the software used by the museum for handling the scanned material, money to pay for time for the staff to scan and transcribe the diaries, and supplies for exhibiting the materials will all be made possible by the grant.

The grant itself was written by the executive director of the museum, Kara Fossey. In her application, she wrote that it is important for the museum to maintain the memories of destruction and loss, but also camaraderie and hope, even though the war concluded a century ago.

Flyer printing is often used to inform the community of such grants and their significance in preserving historic artifacts.