Favorite Greensburg-area ride to get facelift

September 26, 2018 by  

The Giant Slide, a fan favorite of visitors to Mammoth Park in Westmoreland County, is about to get a makeover, so people who want to have fun on the original ride need to get to the park soon.

Mammoth Park, which covers 408 acres, first opened on Memorial Day in 1973, with the Giant Slide one of the main attractions. The slide is 96 feet long, a shiny, slick piece of stainless steel, and draws in thousands of people every year.

The ride is now 45 years old, and needs renovation, which will be done next year, according to the director of county parks, Malcolm Sias. He said the renovations include a Giant Slide Complex, which will have either two or three sides, depending on how much money is available. There would be two new, 100-foot-tall stainless steel slides, plus a third, 50-foot slide for those who want something a little less daunting. The taller slides cost $150,000 each.

Among the other renovations, a new playground is planned, and the street hockey center and tennis courts will be renovated. When renovations like this are planned, managers have an opportunity to consider a new logo design for the project.

The Giant Slide will close October 31, then reopen for a fundraiser on November 4, which visitors from Greensburg may wish to attend. The Last Ride fundraiser will help raise the funds for park improvements.