Florence’s canine and feline victims get hand from local shelter

September 24, 2018 by  

Greenville County Animal Care is coming to the rescue of dogs and cats displaced by Hurricane Florence either before or after the storm hit.

Community relations coordinator Paula Church explained that the shelter serves as the Carolinas hub. Working with the United States Humane Society, the shelter has helped to transport cats and dogs that might have been adversely affected by the storm and its aftereffects.

To make room for animals endangered by Florence, the shelter sent its residents to various shelters across the U.S. Over 134 animals from the flooded areas have been sheltered here in Greenville since the hurricane and many of those animals have been moved on to other facilities as well.

In addition to receiving animals saved from Florence, the shelter has also had to deal with 170 animals brought in by locals. Church is asking the community to postpone surrendering animals to ensure enough space is available for animals that are still coming in from the coast.

Poster printing is often used by shelters to drum up support for special events designed to introduce the public to animals available for adoption.

Church also expressed her appreciation for the help the community has provided by fostering dogs and cats and wishes to remind the public that animals will be kept here that are available for adoption.