Unique fall festival comes to Frankfort area

September 19, 2018 by  

The Midwest Wizard of Oz Fest will be taking place shortly in Tinley Park. This town is sufficiently close to Frankfort that its residents are sure to want to attend this special festival with a magical theme.

Many activities are planned for the two-day Fest. There will be four special speakers, including Mary Ellen St. Aubin, Munchkin by Marriage and First Lady of the Fest, and Jane Lahr, whose father Bert played the Cowardly Lion in the movie.

There will also be an Emerald City Wizard of Oz vendor area featuring booths with Oz-themed crafts, as well as vendors with food for purchase. The Yellow Brick Road will be recreated with characters in costumes performing skits and scenes from the movie, and posing for pictures with attendees.

Many fall-related activities will also be part of the festivities, with hayrides, pony rides, corn cannons that shoot stalks of corn at high speeds towards special targets, and a corn box resembling a large sandbox filled with corn rather than sand. There will also be a petting zoo featuring llamas, ducks, goats, and other animals.

The Fest will take place this weekend, September 22 and 23. Banner printing companies can be hired to create displays that can be posted throughout the area so that people become aware of such unique fall festivals and their many activities for people of all ages.