Silverlake Recreation Center opening in the fall

September 21, 2018 by  

Erlanger will have a new $9m recreation center opening this fall, called Silverlake ‘The Family Place’.

This 55,000 square foot building has an indoor rope course, trampoline park, and climbing course. The dates of its opening are scheduled between mid-October and November 1, said the executive director Tim Geraci.

Other features this facility has include a full-sized swimming pool and outdoor water park. The new recreation center is located on 301 Kenton Lands Road. Additional parking will be added to the facility.

The rope course will be three stories high, and will have two special lines for kids. It will be able to have 50 climbers at one time on the course. Erlanger has print shops that design promotional products for recreation centers like this.

Additional, the facility will have a duckpin bowling alley with lanes. These use smaller balls than those used in traditional bowling, which are lightweight and do not have holes for the fingers.

There is also a safe ‘Clip and Climb Course’ for adults and children. Users clip a belay device into their harness every time they climb. When they are finished, it lowers them safely to the ground. This type of climbing is popular in Europe.

Lastly, a full-service bar and grill called Café and Play will give visitors somewhere to stop for a bite to eat.