Gurnee opens new mini-roundabout

September 19, 2018 by  

In Gurnee late in August, a mini-roundabout opened at the intersection of Almond Road and Dada Drive, finishing a resurfacing project that took nearly all summer.

The city spent about $11.7m on capital improvements, of which $1.2m was designated specifically for construction the roundabout, which is expected to help relieve traffic congestion. Traffic is heavy in the area because the intersection is near the Bittersweet Golf Club, and because there is a lot of traffic to and from Woodland schools in the mornings and afternoons. In addition, despite a 30mph speed limit, speeding in the area remains a problem.

Village staffer Jack Linehan said officials looked at the traffic problems in that neighborhood, and discussed the best options available. A study revealed a traffic signal was not warranted, despite the fact traffic is forecast to increase significantly over the next three decades. The village decided the mini-roundabout was the best option, and the Federal Highway Authority, which reviewed the plans, concurred. When projects like this are complete, officials can use banner printing to help celebrate, since banners are sturdy and work well outdoors.

The new roundabout differs from its larger counterparts because it does not require as much space, meaning it has a smaller footprint, and less property needed to be acquired for access. Also, the visibility is better in the smaller installation, which has better sight lines than a larger roundabout.