Shoes donated to children before they go back to school

September 19, 2018 by  

For the sixth year, the Michigan Podiatric Medical Association (MPMA) partnered with Wellspring Lutheran Services to distribute new shoes to children late in August, before they head back to school. The distribution center was in Farmington Hills.

The MPMA’s Director of Professional Relations, Dr. Jodie Sengstock, noted that as children grow, their feet change rapidly. If their shoes do not fit properly, they can be painful and aggravating, creating sores and additional problems. The association’s goal is to help the public understand why children need to have shoes that fit properly.

Wellspring is a nonprofit organization that works throughout Michigan to support children who are being fostered, as well as children in residential surroundings who have emotional, behavioral and/or cognitive issues. The agency also supports families so they can stay together. Organizers of events like this often use banner printing to make it a festive occasion.

The MPMA brought the shoes to Farmington Hills, where Wellspring has its New Directions Campus. Dr. Stengstock was on hand to meet several of the children who live there, and fit their new shoes.

Marie Tolen, who is New Directions’ campus director, notes it is expensive for families to shop for new clothes and school supplies, making the donation of shoes a meaningful way to stretch the clothing allowance foster parents receive, so they can use their limited funds for other necessary items.