North Conway event to offer sneak peek into WMNF

September 18, 2018 by  

The North Conway area is home to the White Mountains National Forest (WMNF), and a guided tour of the site will offer the public a chance to learn about this local ecological reserve.

Saco District Ranger Jim Innes will act as the facilitator for this guided visit, and he will meet the attendees at 33 Kancamagus Hwy, which is the location of the Saco District Ranger HQ. The tour is scheduled to run for six hours, and anyone who plans on taking part has been advised to wear a comfortable pair of hiking boots or shoes.

As the group is led on the tour of the forest, they will discuss the history of the site. They will also learn about the work being done to preserve its watersheds and habitats and how the location is managed in a way that balances the needs of visitors with protecting its resources and ecosystems. There will also be a review of the vision of the future for the site, and the guest will be welcome to ask questions and make comments.

Those who participate in the day are welcome to bring along snacks, and the group will be stopping at Highland Center Appalachian Mt. Club so participants can purchase lunch if they wish to do so. A local printing services provider can supply maps, guidebooks, and other items for this type of function.

This chance for the public to get a sneak peek into their local national forest will be held on October 10. More details can be found by visiting its online event page.