National school meals survey recognizes Andover

September 13, 2018 by  

The School Nutrition Association recently conducted a national survey of school meal program directors, and found the Andover Public Schools to be an exemplar of how to use locally sourced and allergy-safe recipes in school menus.

Gail Koutroubas, Director of Food Services, said her department has been working to ensure that its food is of the highest quality, and is always looking to improve its menus.

Koutroubas pointed out some of the enhancements to their school meals, which included using antibiotic-free Tyson chicken and fresh meat, and to eliminate 95% of all dyes in food. In addition, high school students now have an app for their phones, so they can order their lunches, which has cut down on the time students wait for their meals.

For example, deli sandwiches can be ordered in the morning and then picked up later in the day. The containers for the meals are clear and compostable.

Food waste has also been decreased, and Koutroubas said that powerpacks are now an option. These are like a healthy version of a lunchable with different healthy food items and less packaging. Plastic straws, which are not environmentally friendly, have also been eliminated for milk.

Brochure printing can be used to highlight efforts such this to make the school community more aware of the healthy eating options available for students.