Tacoma to unveil the latest in public transportation

September 10, 2018 by  

Pierce County Public Transportation Benefit Area Corporation (Pierce Transit), the provider of public transportation for the city of Tacoma, is getting ready to put three electric buses into service as part of its transportation system.

A $2.55m federal ‘Low-No’ grant was awarded to Pierce Transit in last 2015 to purchase these three buses and implement the infrastructure needed to support them. These buses have been prepared and will be running on route around Pierce County by mid-October.

Having these electric buses as part of the fleet of Pierce Transit will help to diversify the fleet should there be a disruption of service in another type of bus, and also demonstrate that the agency is committed to sustainability. Each electric bus replaces a diesel bus and has zero emissions. They also have 30% fewer parts, which makes for lower maintenance costs.

An event for transit advocates and local leaders will be held tomorrow, September 11, at the Pierce Transit Building at 11:00 am. The event will unveil the new bus design, explain its features, and discuss the plans the agency has to continue the building of its fleet of electric vehicles.

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