Nippert Stadium to get new turf

September 10, 2018 by  

FC Cincinnati will be moving into a brand new stadium in a few years, but in the meantime they will play at Nippert Stadium on the University of Cincinnati campus, and are putting in new turf for their last seasons at the venue.

Although soccer fans love Nippert, the stadium does not meet MLS standards, and has to be improved before the team joins the league, which it is scheduled to do in 2019.

The change that will be most noticeable to the fans is new turf for the stadium. Jeff Berding, the general manager and president of the team, said the new surface will make it easier to switch between University events and FC Cincinnati games. Managers of venues such as this can work with a brochure printing company to make certain visitors are aware of the changes.

At present, the turf comprises six pieces in total, with end zone sections that can be installed for football, then removed again. The seams between the removable end zones and the main playing field are bumpy and easily visible.

The new turn will be a single sheet, and appropriate markings, such as lines of football and soccer, will be put on with temporary paint. FC Cincinnati is giving the turf to the university. There will be other improvements made to Nippert, mostly out of the public eye.

FC Cincinnati will move to their new stadium, which will be built in the city’s West End, in 2021.