Champaign McDonald’s being remodeled

September 9, 2018 by  

The McDonald’s restaurant on Mattis Avenue in Champaign is getting a facelift, and it turns out the remodeling is part of a new look for the entire chain.

The Mattis Avenue location is being updated with Bluetooth tables, and digital kiosks. Even the drive-thru is being revamped, with digital menu boards being installed. Scott Miller owns the Mattis Avenue franchise, and says McDonald’s is calling the effort the ‘Experience of the Future’.

Miller’s location will shut down its lobby tomorrow, September 10, but leave the drive-thru open. It’s expected that the remodel will be completed by October 20. Miller says that every time the lobby is shut down due to remodeling work, the drive-thru will be kept open.

Every McDonald’s in Champaign-Urbana is being upgraded, and those who are interested in seeing a finished store are encouraged to check out the location on Urbana’s Cunningham Avenue, which was completed late in July. He added the digital kiosks have proven to be a particularly popular feature, where people can order their food. There are people to teach customers how to use the kiosks. Managers could use flyer printing to create handouts of operating instructions for the devices.

Once they have ordered, the food will then be delivered to them at their table, and wait staff will use Bluetooth to find the diners. Miller said all McDonald’s will have these upgrades by the end of 2019.