Centenarian Club welcomes 107-year-old member

September 9, 2018 by  

Hazel Bason from Oklahoma City was recently admitted to the Oklahoma Centenarian Club, NewsOK.com has reported.

Bason is one of the oldest members of the club at 107 years old. One month ago, she relocated to Wildewood’s Grace Living Center at 1913 NE 50, but remained completely independent while living on her own. Last year, she could be seen working in her garden and mowing her lawn at the age of 106. She frequently took public transportation by herself in order to pay bills.

According to Grace Living Center’s director of social services, Alan Washington, Bason is a founding member of his church, which started around 90 years ago. Washington commented that her mind and body are sharp and he is amazed that she could cut her grass at such an age.

It was Washington who called the Centenarians of Oklahoma when he discovered how old Bason was. The Centenarians immediately made plans to visit.

Bason believes the secret to her long life is to treat others how one would want to be treated. Representative of the Centenarians Sue Scott gave her a certificate, and stationery printing items in the form of a pin that said ‘Golden Okie’ on it, and another pin in the shape of an angel. Family, friends, and staff at Grace Living Center celebrated the occasion with her Bason, who ate two slices of cake.