Princess party planned near Eden Prairie

September 8, 2018 by  

An event is on the way that will see Eden Prairie children enjoy time with some of their favorite fairy-tale characters.

The Royal Halloween festival will offer two hours of fun for kids and their parents, and there will be lots of activities on offer for them to be a part of. It will be organized by Magical Moments, and the Snow Queen, Belle, Rapunzel, and a fairy are just a few of the princesses that will be hosting the event.

The boys and girls who come to the celebration will be able to paint, listen to a story, design their own mask, and sing and dance along with one of their hosts. A chocolate fountain will be on offer, and there will also be candy and other treats. Parents can take advantage of the many opportunities to snap a photo of the fun, and there will be some surprises as well.

Tickets for the ‘Royal Halloween Festival’ are being sold to the public at a price of $13 for children and $35 for adults. A local printing services provider will be able to supply everything from banners to coloring sheets that can help to make an event like this a success.

Edina’s ‘Pinstripes’ will be the location for this special event, and it will be held on October 21. Various start times are available, and parents can choose the one that best suits their family’s schedule.