South Gastonia may see new townhomes in the near future

September 6, 2018 by  

Commissioners from Gaston County recently approved the rezoning of a parcel of land, seven acres in size and just outside Gastonia city limits, for multi-family residential use.

The attorney representing the group of four people who own the property, David Smith, said the general plan is to build townhomes on the site. There would be a maximum of 60 units given the limitations for density on the property.

Although residents in the area at the Rosegate development were initially concerned about development of the property for commercial uses, Smith said the owners only intend to carry out residential construction. In addition, staff from the planning board of Gaston County said the rezoning aligns with the suburban development goals of the county.

Tom Keigher, Gastonia Township Commissioner, who lives near the property, commented that similar concerns were voiced when the Rosegate development was under consideration. He added that there was a successful conclusion to the construction of that development and he expects the same for this one.

A site plan review with the county is still needed before the developers can begin construction, so the timeframe for building is still unknown.

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