Albuquerque to explore precious stones

September 5, 2018 by  

This fall, people in the area of Albuquerque will be able to experience the Fall Gem, Mineral, and Jewelry Show, to be held at the Creative Arts building of the New Mexico State Fairgrounds.

Since 2013, the show has been giving people a chance to see all kinds of gemstones and jewelry. Having grown over time, it gives continued attendees a chance to see more items over the years.

There will be over 60 vendors at the event, all of whom are focused on rocks, gems, and other such items. Some will have premade jewelry ready to sell, while others may take requests.

The event will feature not only the gemstones and jewelry, but also minerals, beads, cabochons, stone art, tools, roughs, slabs, and even fossils.

Parking is available on site, although there may be a fee. There are a number of restaurants in the area, as well as other activities. It is unclear if food or beverages will be served inside the event.

Events like this often use business cards extensively. Individual vendors usually carry them to encourage repeat visits, or even to help individuals find items at other times during the year.

This event is free to attend, and welcomes all members of the public. It will take place over a three-day weekend, starting October 5 and ending October 7. The show will be open daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.