New radio program shines a spotlight on London history

September 5, 2018 by  

Like many cities, London has a long and interesting history and plenty of people who want to share its stories with others.

WJTE, the Light of London, a local radio station, is giving storytellers a chance to share their tales and experiences with the present and future generations. The station recently began airing ‘Spotlight on Laurel: Her History and Her People’.

The program is produced by Kip Jervis, who also interviews the subjects for the show.

Jervis has so far interviewed a few well-known Laurel County residents. A recent episode featured Margaret Dyche Keith, who family has deep connections to the city and county. Her late husband, Luke, was the former owner of the town newspaper, the Sentinel Echo. Her stories include behind-the-scenes looks at the paper, as well as tales of the AR Dyche Cemetary and downtown London.

Radio programs that are just getting off of the ground can use banner printing to let people in the area know of their existence and when they are on the air.

‘Spotlight on Laurel’ is on the air on Thursdays at 3:00 pm and again on Fridays at 7:30 am on 98.5FM.

Other people Jervis has interviewed so far include Coach Roy Bowling, Ernest Matt House, Jessie Williams, and Rev. Charlie Helton. Each guest has brought a unique point of view to the radio program. Jervis said that the goal is to interview at least 50 people. If the program is a success, they might continue it after the first 50 interviews.