Symposium on offer for Charlotte’s special needs families

September 4, 2018 by  

Parents and caregivers of a child with special needs can often find themselves acting as an advocate for their son or daughter, and during a conference that has been planned for Charlotte, they will learn how they can do so in the context of the educational system.

The symposium, which has been organized by the National Allies for Parents in Special Education (NAPSE) will bring parents and caregivers together with professionals that work in a variety of fields related to special needs education. There will be presentations, information sessions, and lots of opportunities for networking, and there will also be time set aside for parents to participate in a “speed consultation” with one of the attorneys that will be on hand for the occasion.

To help ensure that everyone who participates gets the most they can from the conference, the planners are offering both parent/caregiver and advocate/provider tracks. One has also been organized for attorneys who work in the field of special needs education issues. Continental breakfasts and lunches are included in the registration fee, and a local printer can supply printed agendas as well as signage, banners, promotional pens, and other item to use during an event like this.

This opportunity for those with an interest in providing high-quality education to Charlotte’s special needs community will be held on October 5, and it will run until October 7. It will be taking place in the Sheraton Charlotte Airport Hotel.